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I case you don’t know Milla Jovovich, she’s Alice in the Resident Evil series, Joan in Joan of Arc and Violet in Ultraviolet. She’s been type casted for male-like roles. like Hilary Swank. The two-time Oscar winner landed both of her statuettes for male-like roles - in Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby.

Back to Milla. In 2006, she played a genetically-modified woman (like her role in Resident Evil) who protected a nine year old boy who is marked to die.

But what’s Ultraviolet got to do with everything? Well nothing. Violet (Jovovich) looks like Angelina Jolie’s character in her upcoming movie, Salt.Actually, I am anticipating this film and the premise is quite interesting, though I can foresee a flop in here. Angelina’s movies aren’t that good. They didn’t even go well in the box office. Maybe it’s her karma after bashing Anne Hathaway with her killer stare at the BFCA awards?

Top 11 things which might happen to the Ampatuan Massacre

(this was taken from Hustisya’s post on

I saw on TV that the government has already in its custody one of the Ampatuans. No applause as yet, please….

In the next few weeks, I can predict that any of the following strong possibilities will happen;

1.) Andal Ampatuan, jr. will escape — 85%

2.) Andal Ampatuan, jr. will die but his body will never be shown. Actually there will be body switching and Andal Ampuan, jr. will appear in Saudi Arabia as another person—-45%

3.) Andal Ampatuan, jr. will be traded to another kidnapping hostage —- 75%

4.) GMA will grant him “midnight” acquittal or pardon —-60%

5.) It will turn-out that Ampatuan is a spanish citizen and had to be extradited to a beach resort in that country — 87%

7.) There will be a quick cha-cha and the enactment of a constitutional provision that will grant a murderer of 50 people and above an automatic pardon —75%

8.) Comelec ruling that because of the outpouring of sympathy in favor of Mangudadatu, he should be charged of premature campaigning and for such ruling, Ampatuan jr should be freed — 78%

9.) Zaldy Ampuan jr. will develop a heart disease overnight and will be ordered detained in a hospital of his choice —67%

10.) 12 senators will sign a resolution exonerating Ampatuan jr. of the crime. ( By the way, the resolution will be signed by the same senators who signed the resolution freeing Villar of any culpability ) — 89%

11.) They will blame Noynoy of this heinous crime by claiming that all the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre were farmers of Hacienda Luisita —99%

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